Our Missions

Aloha Cattle Company, Inc. produces and exports bovine-derived raw materials for pharmaceuticals and reagents (BDRMS), fetal bovine serum (FBS), and safe and low-fat beef utilizing the cattle raised only with pasture on the fertile land in Hawai’i.
Why Hawai’i?
  • Safety is the most important key word for food, pharmaceuticals, and medical materials.
  • Hawai’i has been totally isolated from each continent in the world.
  • Thanks to such isolated environment, Hawai’i is a rare area in cattle breeding in the world where no bovine-derived infectious diseases including mad cow disease have ever occurred at all.
  • The Big Island which is the main land for fattening cattle is a volcanic island. The pasture that has grown on the mineral-rich volcanic soil including iron, calcium, and others shall give a good effect on the cattle to be fattened there.
  • The infrastructure such as economy, education, etc. is well established in Hawai’i, which shall provide us with the environment where high-tech business including the production of raw materials for pharmaceuticals and reagents, etc. can be launched. Hawai’i is a world pre-eminent tourist destination where a large number of tourists have ever visited, and has the market size which is large enough to make local production for local consumption possible.
  • The area of Hawai’i is too small to rear a large number of cattle, but, in light of appropriately manageable production area, this is just suitable size for us to ensure traceability and quality control system on the production of high-end BDRMS and FBS which are required by the authorities concerns.
  • Hawai’i raised cattle are safe grass-fed ones without using any drugs in the safe environment.
  • The feature of Hawaiian beef produced from the grass-fed cattle as above is safe (free of any drugs), low-fat and lean meat.